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You can turn the lock screen display features like the Camera shortcut, Weather and Pedometer on or off by going to the following directory. Infact no weather, no colour photo ot animation, just a clock left side.Kept deleting and re adding weather clock 4x2 widget, the Samsung default one. Went to Settings /Application Manager / Change System Settings Seems I'd somehow lost the ability to turn my "Systems Settings" On Off toggle for apps.************* verified solution below ************ Solution : after fearing that " Reset to defaults" in menu would ruin my settings, trying all of the above and downloading the stock 4.4.01 apk and unifiedaemon that came with it.

I had to turn the weather feature in lock screen to OFF and then it works again and found my location immediately. phenry's answer mentioned that you couldn't run the weather and pedometer at the same time. I found out that I could run both if I deleted the clock from the clock screen. FYI I've run weather and pedometer health apps same time for years. I've a gs3, gs4, gs5, updated to android 5 and 6 versions noticed that only clock showed no weather information Iin weather widget.Does anyone know if this is a bug or was it removed and they forgot to remove the actual option to display it? Click agree when this shows up -- Improve location accuracy?I had the same problem with the pedometer widget, which I solved by toggling the Additional information and Pedometer settings on and off and rebooting. -- Then go to the clock-weather app (should be on your homescreen). DONOT type and search for your location instead press the 'location icon' and let your phone automatically locate you.Also, you should remember that the frequency of auto refresh weather widget may cost some data plan.In other words, more shorter the auto refresh frequency means more data will be used.

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