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AGE: 18 WHY SHE'S AMAZING: At 14 years old, Kayla Montgomery was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

Despite the fact that she was told her condition would stop her from running, Kayla didn't quit.

When Aija won a Scholastic Art & Writing Award for her poetry in 2013, it gave her the courage to write a book that would pass on the survival techniques that helped her get through her experience with bullying and help others going through similar experiences.

"I realized that I had to create a little, yet powerful survival guide that any kid could use as a life-saving device when they were being bullied...

Megan launched a Kickstarter campaign in March 2014, with the goal of raising ,000 in one month. WHAT'S NEXT: Megan is taking a gap year from Middlebury College, to move to NYC and focus on Yellowberry.

Megan ended up raising ,000, and launched Yellowberry that October. "I love doing all the marketing, branding, PR, social media, and social messaging for Yellowberry, and often call it my 'crash course in business,'" she said.

WHAT'S NEXT: Katlyn hopes to educate more young girls on how to utilize technology to make change in their communities.

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Realizing something needed to be done about the serious bullying problem at her school, Caitlin decided to turn the negative experience into a positive one."Yellowberry is the first priority in my life, and it will continue to be that way for a while!"AGE: 18 WHY SHE'S AMAZING: After seeing what smoking did to her grandmother, who began smoking at age 11 and died from complications of COPD (a lung disease caused by smoking), Magi Linscott became passionate about raising awareness about the harmful effects of smoking and standing up to the tobacco industry.She continues to be one of the nation's best runners—even though she collapses at the end of every race.With the support of her team and coach (who carries her off the track at the end of each race), she continues to compete as a long distance runner.

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