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Ixquick also keeps you out of filter bubbles, so you can get the search results you're looking for.

Plus, it has a neat star system that rates the accuracy of your search results by cross-checking with other search engines.

If so, you dread that inevitable moment when your innocent search turns into less-than-innocent results. The very sites you're protecting them from pop up on your computer screen.

All your efforts to keep youngsters in your life safe from that inappropriate trash go up in smoke.

Google, which also owns the digital ad network Double Click, serves you up interest-based ads, specifically for you.

You can customize its interface, with search shortcuts and an Instant Answers feature that's just as good as, if not better than, Google's Knowledge Graph.It saves your search history, reads your email in Gmail, tracks your location, keeps everything you say to “OK Google,” and a lot more.Why Google spies on you The reason Google does this is partly to make its services more useful to you by knowing what you want before you want it. In fact, I recently told you how Google is tracking the websites you visit and the videos you watch, to better understand your interests.It may slow down your searches, but when you select "proxy," Ixquick makes you invisible online.To use it, just do a search from Ixquick for a word like "Komando." Your search results will look similar to Google's search results, with a list of websites it has found that match your search. Just click on a link and it takes you to a page as normal, meaning the website can see you.

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