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Now if you are on the 4th date and still nothing, you need to go for it or get out. Put your hand next to hers..if she's cold and if so try to cuddle under a on. OP wait if you want, if you sense being used, that's when you give up on someone.

If a guy hasn't tried to make a move by the 3rd date then I would be thinking he's not that interested in me. Women want to feel a connection to have sex if they desire a relationship. We don't follow your rules because guess what - we have our own.

Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. Maybe she's okay with it, but 1 date out and 3 hang-outs at home, I would consider you a lazy-dater..then, maybe she is too? go for walks/hikes/bowling/miniature golf/tennis...there are all kinds of opportunities to be playful as in, arm around her shoulders, take her hand as you're walking. We were a 95% match and hit it off from the get go.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... a congratulatory hug if she gets a strike/spare....without a bunch of pressure that the bedroom is "just down the hall". The few times we have gone out, 3 out of 4 of them ended up beijng at either my place or hers.

You need to see a Therapist and get rid of your shyness.

You have nothing , I mean absolutely NOTHING to lose by making a move on a woman you are attracted to sexually. If she says "Ick", you didn't want to be with her anyway. If she has not shown you any particular sexual interest, she is not attracted to you and if she has not walked away, she is planning to place you into "Attention sucking gay friendzone".

Don't be a octopus, but these little flirting things will let her know you're interested, remember everyone moves at their own pace, just do the little things so she can see that you are interested so she doesn't toss you in the friendship zone. I personally wouldn't be comfortable kissing someone that soon. If she went on a date with you - there was some initial attraction - on a meeting you can spoil that by acting like she is a man and going to follow your imaginary rules.

I'd rather here "I'm going to kiss you now" compared to "Can I kiss you? Baker, try this take her to a movie, either a romantic comedy or a horror movie, in the middle of the movie, lean up against her , if she doesn't push you away put your arm around her and look into her eyes and smile as in a genuine smile, its a icebreaker. And for the person that said 4 dates was too soon for a kiss, are you crazy? Whining about the dreaded friend zone is just another way to push the blame from you to her. You either moved too fast, asked too much, did something you can't recover from.

My goodness she might actually say nice things to you and fix you up with her friends.

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If she is not into you, let her swim away, you have lost nothing. I don't think you're automatically in the dreaded friend zone. The both of you may be shy so things may take a little bit longer.

When it comes down to it, she has agreed to meet you several times, so I think that she is interested. If your watching a movie together, just snuggle a little closer together.

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