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No matter how I might feel about myself or my self-image, there is still a part of me that wants to fight to the end. I had been a Christian for six, seven years and had spent most of that time just studying my Bible and different languages and that sort of thing. I wasn't really a big fan of hanging out with little children.Later on in life, I recognized that as a strength that I would use to funnel into my faith and to use to encourage others. [But] I had said I wanted to be obedient, and no matter how I tried to back away from that project, no matter how many times I said no, I kept coming back to the fact that perhaps this was something that God would want me to do because it was just being obedient and that maybe we could reach kids in a way that nobody else had—even though I didn't want to do it. My attitude about the whole thing remained the same for 10 years.This season features Kevin Federline, Britney Spears’ ex husband, R&B bad boy Bobby Brown, rocker Sebastian Bach, former Baywatch beauty Nicole Eggert, Moesha star (and Kevin Federline’s ex) Shar Jackson, and others. I thought it was a great ratings ploy on VH1’s behalf to have both Shar and Kevin on the same show; we’ve all heard about the tabloid fodder that surrounded their break-up. He's married, works as a stand-up comedian, and lives near Milwaukee.For Diamond, Screech has been a curse and a career. Brother of Tracy Nelson, Matthew Nelson, and Sam Nelson.Nephew of David Nelson, Mark Harmon, and Kelly Harmon.

Give me some time away and, after there's some space created, then you can come back and give big hugs to the thing that brought you there. I wanted to rattle the cage, but I didn't think that it would rattle it so much. I think people who are warm to the show are going to watch it and really enjoy it. Now if I did this for the next 10 years, I might become sick of it, too.

AP: Have you kept in touch with some of your 'Saved by the Bell' co-stars like Mark-Paul Gosselaar or Tiffani Thiessen? The last time I saw Mark-Paul and Tiffany, I was 16. That's a hefty amount of time to traverse in growth. This thing is on top of you, trying to pin you down.

And you're wriggling and wriggling, flailing and tossing, to get this thing off of you.

Up until recently, many people told me, "Why don't you just hang it up?

You had a good ride, and you might as well give up." That's just not something that I do easily. Becoming Bibleman was not something that I really wanted to do.

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