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If you're fed up of ogling profile pictures of singles only to swipe right in vain, then there's good news.

A new dating app lets users find matches based on more than just looks.

Book of Matches is a decent free site with a good selection of features and an active user community.

They offer a few articles with dating tips, both for men and women.

'The frequency of certain words in tweets, such as pronouns, can reveal a person's emotional, social and thinking style.'The thinking goes that tweets, which tend to be spontaneous and opinionated, rather than polished Instagram posts to project your 'best self,' offer insight into people's personalities and could help single people looking for love avoid incompatibilities.

Mr Smith said: 'Other dating apps have hooked up with Instagram, giving users the option to display even more pictures on profiles. The results gave a psychological snapshot from analysing our most recent tweets with chat-up advice for the future.

If users get a match, it's up to them to decide whether to meet in real life and there's an in-app 'venue discovery tool' to help them pick a romantic location.

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book of matches  dating site-3

Mr Smith made contact with Toronto-based language scientists Receptiviti AI - including the man behind Analyse Words - and rebuilt Love Flutter with 'Twitter at its core.'James Pennebaker, co-founder of Receptiviti said: 'There is more to tweets than authors' appreciate - each entry is like a fingerprint.'Because on a date in real life, looks matter, but what you say counts.'As well as your most recent tweets, the profile includes up to six pictures, and details such as a user's job, education and political views, common friends and interests.Users can also write a fun fact that is up to 140 characters long.It generates a user's emotional style and says what they are like - all from tweets'Instead, we want to shift the emphasis away from a user interface that encourages snap judgements.He explained: 'We're working with science partners for a new direction in swiping that's as much about your thoughts, feelings and opinions as it is your looks.

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