Accomodating students with

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If reduced-distraction test location is needed, will you use a nearby empty classroom, a quiet office, or send the student to Access Ability Services? Once you and the student have agreed to logistics, write them down on the enclosed receipt.Keep the accommodation letter and receipt in a secure location for your own records.Often people with Attention Deficit Disorder/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, although usually not classified as a learning disability itself, also have learning disabilities.

Consider posting names and locations of campus support services such as Library, Information, and Technology Services (LITS), Speaking, Arguing and Writing (SAW), Access Ability Services, and the Counseling Center. On your syllabus, clearly detail course requirements and academic standards including your grading rubric and attendance policy.Make a verbal statement inviting students with a disability to request accommodations.He or she may have a difficult time understanding the large discrepancy between reading comprehension and verbal skills.The observer sees only the input and output, not the processing of the information.

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